We create communities with you.

MEMBER is a community platform.

MEMBER is organizing content in groups, where like-mined users are invited by creators they love and follow.

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No matter what creators and brands need, it will be possible to link to our platform.

Creators can design their communities as needed.

Our Open API means that brands and creators can integrate any kind of functionality on our platform - as opposed to the walled gardens that need to keep people locked on their own platform.

Visual podcasts

NFT Communities

Music Playback

E-Commerce (Merchandise, Tickets, ..)


Connect to Spotify and impact the charts.

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Phone FrameScreen
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Upgrade your voice

Upgrade the user experience from one- dimensional audio to a visual and interactive podcast

Zero additional effort required for creators as podcasts are automatically pulled into MEMBER

Creates higher engagement and enables new revenue models - from display advertising to transactions

Create exclusive NFT communities.

Connect your community to your Opensea or Metamask wallet to identify as the owner of your NFTs. Allow access to your clubs only for certain NFTs.

Additional Features

Bouncer for your digital community
Geofencing for increased content quality
Increased visibility
Hassle free NFT minting
Ad free communities
Let your fans create your content
Unlimited outbound links
.. and much more. ✌️
Not enough?

We go the extra mile!

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We share the wealth with you.

Each activity on our platform can yield tokens both to group creators and regular users: e.g. swipes, content uploads, user invites, etc. and that Tokens can be redeemed for community specific content, services or goods that are defined by the creators. Tokens will be tradable on our exchange for other tokens, Fiat or Crypto currencies.

MEMBER is invite only!

Signup to our waitlist and get a token.

*By signing up to our waitlist, you accept our terms and service.

Meet our team.

Andreas Rührig
Andreas RührigCEO
Johan von Halling
Johan von HallingCOO
Letizia Teruzzi
Letizia TeruzziCustomer Success Manager